discover the
richest journey
is within you


Welcome to Shambhala Space (formerly Shambhala Centre founded 2013 in Port Melbourne) now residing in the beautiful seaside town of Kiama enjoying the sea change and a slower pace of life. 


Our business was initially sparked by a passion to make a difference in raising awareness towards a holistic approach by understanding that the greatest impact comes when we manage our Mind, nurture our Body and listen to our Soul uniting us back to wholeness.



Shambhala is a Tibetan word
that means the source of inner harmony, when you venture deep within you discover your true
self reflection as love
and inner silence.


We teach effective life skill techniques in self awareness, self transformation and mastering your thoughts, to become more empowered, more productive, more creative, more fulfilled and more heart-centred, creating a positive and more harmonious state of being.


Our services incorporate ancient wisdoms, meditation practices, a transformational hypnotherapy, intuitive guidance, growing your intuition, relaxing the body with reflexology and inspirational self-improvement programs for personal and spiritual growth.


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 Intuitive - Psychic - Tarot - Guidance

Transformational - Hypnotherapy 

Tao Healing Hands - Dr Sha Practitioner

Reflexology - Diploma qualified

The Liquid Crystals - Consult - Remedies



Growing Intuition Group - weekly GIG

Self Awareness - Ancient Wisdoms

Meditation - Various Classes

Meditation - Corporate Workshops

Full Moon Meditation - Monthly Cycle

Flower Blossoms


Seasonal Gatherings - Solstice - Equinox

Mystery School - Metaphysical Training

The Hero's Journey - Personal Growth

The Tarot Journey - Workshop

Pamper Packages - Special Offers

Now more than ever we are being challenged by the demands of the outside world. Being over stimulated, living in a state of stress, survival and burnout with an overactive analytical mind that struggles to switch off and causes us to disconnect from our true natural self.

When a person takes a leap of faith and steps into the unknown with a willingness to transform the way they think and feel, they significantly change their life and a shift of consciousness emerges to fulfil their potential.

Our services focus is on delivering tools and techniques toward self healing, self empowerment, self transformation, guiding people into deeper states of consciousness where the real change occurs and a shift of perspective happens and healing is achieved. As well as inspiring people to trust their intuition and be guided and moved by a deeper calling from within. 

 We offer ONLINE and IN PERSON sessions refer to BOOKINGS calendar page

  • Disconnect from the Outside World and go deep within

  • Traverse the levels of Consciousness

  • Alter brainwave patterns to create Brain Coherence

  • Reprogramming your limited Thoughts

  • Tame the chattering mind to a place of Silence

  • Going beyond the stress state of Habitual Thinking 

  • Learn to calm the Nervous System to a state of harmony

  • Learn to manage Anxiety, Depression and Grief

  • Develop Self Awareness, Self Love and Gratitude

  • Grow your Intuition and increase your Psychic abilities

  • Learn how to create a Successful and Abundant life 

  • Build Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence

  • Shift your Mindset to Shift your World

  • Develop Mental fitness, and Resilience

  • Rebuild your Heart-Mind Connection

  • Build Confidence, Empathy and Wisdom

  • Balance Align and Clear your Physical and Etheric body

  • Increase Energy and Vitality through breath work

  • Learn skills to enhance Deep Sleep

  • Learn Self Hypnosis techniques for Confidence 

  • Gain a New Perspective to any life challenge

  • Techniques for Self-transformation and Self-Healing

  • Be empowered to Create a New You!

  • Be inspired to Make a Difference in the World!

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Medical Intuitive - Event Speaker - International Author

"I have known Sharon for over 15 years, and in many different capacities. I have known her as a friend, a mentor, a business owner, an event organiser and a leader of spiritual, healing circles and events.

In every capacity that I have seen Sharon work and function, I have found her to be loving, gentle and thoughtful. She genuinely puts her best effort into every endeavour.  Her advice is usually sound and well thought out, and as a fellow professional practitioner, I have no hesitation in referring people to her.


The reports that I receive back from cross over clients has always been exemplary. I must say that it has been an absolute pleasure to be counted as one of Sharon’s inner circle."

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Intuitive Coach - Yoga Teacher - Founder of Urban Oasis Wellbeing

“I have known Sharon and Stan over the past 6 years at Shambhala Centre and in particular I have come to appreciate Sharon's deep knowledge of what healing is all about, her heart-led commitment to her work, her deep intuitive insights and her amazing supportiveness, she can see at a deep level what you need and has the skills and knowledge to address it.

I strongly recommend Sharon to anyone who would like a powerful healing experience and clear view of what comes next.” 

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NK Institute Trainer - Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Diploma (RTO)

"In my capacity as a trainer of a complementary health modality, I had the good fortune of regularly renting space at the renowned Shambhala Centre in Melbourne for over 2 years. Our hosts, Sharon Goyen and Stan Manaszczuk, welcomed us with warmth and gracious hospitality on every occasion. Providing the ideal space, training equipment and a truly beautiful, inspiring and tranquil ambience in which to do so. They ran a smooth professional operation and were unfailingly reliable, organised and flexible to our changing needs. 


With Stans diverse handyman skills and technical-savvy, he literally saved the day on many occasions whenever we had urgent technical-challenges with computer and internet issues. His response to assist us was always immediate and cheerful; giving a sense of assurance that contributed significantly to the overall success of our training days.   


Both Sharon and Stan repeatedly captivated us all with their extensive knowledge and practice of the sacred, the mystical and inspired us with their spiritual values and passion to help raise consciousness. They walk their talk and for those 2 years we were blessed to be under their exceptionally high standard of care. They are sorely missed!"

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Sound Healing Journeys - Sound Healing Academy Associate Teacher

"Over time I got to know Sharon and Stan as welcoming hosts of Shambhala Centre in Melbourne where I ran numerous Sound Healing events and workshops. As well as attended a number of Sharons Intuitive classes. 

Sharon possesses a deep knowledge of various aspects of the psychic world, metaphysical principles, divination, tarot and meditation, among others things.


She is also a skilled, inclusive, compassionate and inspiring group facilitator, providing a supportive and accepting environment in which participants can develop their own skills and build confidence with ease. I would recommend attending any of Sharon’s events as you will, no doubt, be engaged and learn something of great interest." 



Personal Trainer - Melbournes Muscle Health and Fitness

"Growing up I’ve always been drawn to and connected with the spiritual world. I never knew what the next step was and where to go to develop my skills. That is until I came across the Growing Intuition Group and working with Sharon I’ve connected with sides of myself that I thought was never possible.


I’ve found a lot more clarity in my life and within myself. I am excited to continue my journey being a part of this group because, each session I learn to connect with a new side of myself and have fun getting to know other like minded individuals.